Land Development Assessments

Pipe Assessments for Land Development

Every land development project should begin with a thorough site inspection, and part of this involves assessing the existing pipelines. Are the pipes still in perfect working condition, or did corrosion and other problems set in over the years? Before any construction work can begin, it is important to know just how reliable the land’s pipe systems are.
Land and Marine makes this easier for you. Our experts can conduct a thorough pipe assessment, using CCTV to analyse every detail of your system. We can accomplish this quickly and with minimal digging, making the entire process smooth and convenient for you.

Find and Fix Problems Quickly

Pipes deteriorate as they age, especially without regular maintenance. Other factors, such as improper installation, can hasten this decline. Eventually, your pipelines may no longer be fit for use, and will need extensive rehabilitation or a complete replacement.

We utilise the latest techniques and equipment in our assessment. Our CCTV inspection will record everything – cracks, corrosion, holes, and any other imperfections will be shown in full detail. You will have actionable data, and we will give specific recommendations on how to proceed.

Take no chances, and find out whether your pipelines need repair. Land and Marine provides cost-effective and reliable pipe assessment services throughout Auckland. Give us a call today for a free quote on your project.
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