Flooding Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment

Flooding has always been a concern for New Zealand property owners and developers. With climate change making the problem even worse, it is time to take a deeper look at the situation. How prepared are you for the next flood?

Land and Marine performs comprehensive flooding assessments for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We also perform these assessments for new developments, helping you make informed decisions and secure planning approval.

Professional Guidance

Our team will evaluate the actual risk of flooding in your area, structuring our approach to fit the scale and nature of the project. We take into account all relevant factors, such as annual rainfall and proximity to rivers. Once we are done, we compile our findings into a comprehensive report for you.

Many properties have inadequate protection against flooding. Poor ground level designs that trap floodwater, an ineffective drainage system, and the lack of defined flow paths make the risk worse than it has to be. We will give you a detailed overview, along with our recommendations on improving your flood preparedness.

Floods pose a serious threat to both life and property. Stay safe, and let us perform a thorough flooding assessment of your site or property. Contact us today for a free quote.
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